Integrative Restoration iRest is informed by the teachings of Dr. Richard Miller and the Integrative Restoration Institute. This guided meditation practice is offered to Veterans and their families to help relieve triggers that Veterans experience from combat to help them transition back to civilian life. This form of yoga does not use postures, but instead uses 10-step protocol while you lay in a comfortable position making it accessible to everyone. The approximately 35-minute practice starts with three resolutions:

1. Tap into your purpose or mission in life
2. Intention, or what it is on that particular day that brings you to the practice
3. Inner Resource, or that sense of well being in a safe place where you are most happy and comfortable.
The protocol then offers the brain suggestions on how and where to place your attention within the body to notice and welcome any felt sensations that arise.

iRest® is research based, and being utilized by a growing number of healthcare organizations, including the Veterans Administration, US Department of Defense, and other hospitals, homeless centers, and addiction treatment facilities. Research indicates many benefits from this practice, including


  • Builds new neural pathways in the brain

  • Soothes autonomic nervous system

  • Improved sleep

  • Stress reduction

  • Increased concentration and mental focus

  • Alleviate symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression and chronic pain

  • Improved social functioning


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