Veterans Alternative

To serve veterans experiencing triggers related to combat and/or military sexual trauma and their families through a resiliency & strength-based program utilizing proven alternative therapies.

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  • Yoga / iRest
  • FCS Kali Martial Arts
  • TRX Tactical Training Locker
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What Our Veterans are Saying about Veterans Alternative

“A.R.T. has been a useful tool in the search in dealing with the traumatic events I’ve experienced during combat. It has given me perspective and helped other warriors like myself move forward.”

William C. Laverde

“No more nightmares; flashbacks don’t paralyze me anymore. I have a new confidence that I can have normal emotions and not lose control.”

Gary Meyer

“Kali and FCS has been instrumental in helping me deal with the post deployment struggles associated with PTSD and Reintegration back into society. It gives me an outlet to escape the day to day battles plaguing combat veterans. When I am doing Kali and FCS I focus on the movements and I have to train my mind to relax and go with the flow required to do Kali. I have researched multiple forms of martial arts and Kali is a martial art that somebody with limited mobility and other injuries can practice with out the fear of getting hurt. Ray Norton is a very professional and personable instructor. He takes the time to break things down and show you the simplicity of the art form. I have enjoyed learning this art and I think it would be an invaluable tool in the fight against PTSD and Reintegration.”